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Proudly Independent | Free UK Postage On Orders Over £75
Westmorland Sheepskins X NORTH STUDIO | A Collaboration

Westmorland Sheepskins X NORTH STUDIO | A Collaboration

Strong in Mind and Body | A Yorkshire Collaboration 

I LOVE working with other local businesses and we are blessed to be surrounded by a huge number of creative, thoughtful and enterprising individuals and family businesses in Yorkshire. Enter Rachel at North Studio Leeds & Harrogate, a collaboration with whom is a no-brainer and she was keen to team up too. Smashing.

Now for context, Tim is great at putting his daps on and getting out for a run before we head to the office but I would prioritise it dead last and then complain about it, you may know the drill...  So I finally joined North Studio and haven’t looked back - so far so blinking good!

Of course, every bread has its butter and for me it’s Run, Box and Build, a good book, a candle and a cuppa Yorkshire Gold. That’s what keeps me strong enough to piggyback the sleepy 10-year-old home on a night, balanced when juggling balls, exercises my muscles (mind, body and brain) and tames the testy tiger when a delivery fails to arrive at work or the boys decide to clothesline each other on the stairs… When you’re a busy adult juggling family and work commitments, finding this time can feel like an impossibility but when I look after myself, I’m present for the people around me who need me – at home and at work.  Tim clocked this way before I did and actively encouraged me. As we say in Wales, Chwarae teg - Fair Play. 

So without further ado, add a reminder to your calendar – Together NORTH STUDIO and Westmorland launch our STRONG Christmas competition on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok on 1st December. One lucky winner will win a 10 Class Pass for North Studio (Leeds or Harrogate), a Cork Yoga Mat and any pair of Westmorland Sheepskins Slippers – all in time to gift yourself or someone else this Christmas – the gift of strength in mind and body. 

We also launch a limited-edition Westmorland X North Studio Gift Box this December, available to purchase from North Studio Leeds & Harrogate and online.

Look after you too..

Dom : )

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