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Is Sheepskin Warm?

Is Sheepskin Warm?

 Explore the science behind the material with Westmorland Sheepskins!

Few materials can rival the natural warmth of sheepskin but why? Central to the sheepskin’s warmth is a unique three-layer structure that creates an insulating barrier that effectively traps heat.

The Outer Hair – acts as a protective shield against the cold by repelling moisture and wind. It also prevents the escape of warmth generated by the body.

The Inner Layer of Wool – made up of tightly packed fibres, the inner layer is an amazing insulator. Wool traps air within its fibres creating pockets of warmth. This trapped air acts as a natural insulator, preventing heat loss and keeping you warm in cold conditions.

The Skin – the hair and wool layers are naturally connected to the tissue of the skin (like the hairs on our heads) providing a further barrier.

But then you said Sheepskin was temperature regulating? How can sheepskin keep me cool in the warm weather, that doesn’t make sense?

I know, it sounds too good to be true… but it is! One of the remarkable qualities of sheepskin is its ability to regulate your body temperature.

The fibres breathe to act just like a natural thermostat for your body. These fibres are hollow and can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture (like sweat for instance) from your body and release it into the atmosphere, keeping you dry. This is commonly known and referred to as moisture wicking.

The fibres also allow air to circulate, preventing overheating while retaining warmth. This is particularly good for babies or persons with immobility who can’t regulate their own temperature.

Fun Fact: If you look at the hairs microscopically, you will also see that each fibre has little branches that also helps wick away liquids while repelling oils and grease. How cool is that!

What’s warmer… Gloves or Mittens? Mittens! Slightly, because the mittens allow warm air to circulate next to your skin. However, practically gloves allow us do a lot more with our hands – it’s a toss up between the two.

I think I have Raynaud’s phenomenon, can sheepskin help?

Raynaud’s is a phenomenon where the small blood vessels in a person’s extremities (think hands and feet) are over-sensitive to changes in temperature. Fingers and toes may change colour to white, blue, red and may become really painful or tingly. Sheepskin slippers and mittens (or gloves) are a great way to help alleviate and prevent these symptoms thanks to the qualities mentioned above.

In summary, sheepskin is an extraordinary natural material that is a great choice for warmth and comfort – and these days style too!

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