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Proudly Independent | Free UK Postage Over £75
Proudly Independent | Free UK Postage Over £75

Meet the team

Tim 🏉

The youngest of the Heaton family, Tim and his wife Dom set up Westmorland Sheepskins Online in 2010 and moved into the realm of Bricks and Mortar in 2016. Skills: Hard working, hands-on Dad, born rugby player, team player through and through, always has time for his family and friends!


Dom comes from a small town in South Wales and you'll see this influence in our collections. Skills: digital audience development, slightly scatty and forgetful forward thinker and feeder (positive or negative you decide). Tim called Dragon for her emoji - assuming this is because of the Welsh and SE Asia connection... 🤔


Gemma joined the team in April 2022 bringing a wealth of customer service experience and organisational skills (that were much needed!) to the office. Like her emoji shows, Gemma is indeed just that - a Gem! A hugely positive and can do / get on kind of girl, it’s like she’s always been here.

Fox 🦊

They turned up for interview and it was a no-brainer - they were in!!! Articulate, thoughtful, organised with great knowledge and conversational contributions. Has brought noodle culture to the office. Fox leads our fulfillment operations.

Lottie 🐕

The newest addition to the Westmorland team and a Harrogate girl with Liverpudlian roots. Wasn't a tea drinker. Now is a tea drinker. Gym going, smiling face who now manages our digital marketing. LOVES animals, and surrounds herself with kittens, dogs, sheep, anything strokable!

Theresa 🍸🙏

Dom's Mum - She ran the show in the Llandeilo shop and thankfully can often still be found helping out when needed. Skills: Attention to detail, great chat and delegation...


Howard 🦻

Howard Heaton - Tim's Dad. Since starting Westmorland Sheepskins in 1981, Howard has built on his experience at Heatons and loves to share his knowledge. Skills: Passion and knowledge of wool, sheepskin and leather, entertaining Yorkshire wit and family man. You won’t find a prouder Yorkshire man and he doesn't look like slowing down in his 70s.

Joan 👵

Howards wife and business partner. What do they say about behind every good man? Skills: The accounts, keeping a tight ship and organising the team, makes a mean Yorkshire pud. Grandma of many and always open arms for them.

Joe 🔨

The eldest of Howard and Joan’s sons, Joe joined the business in 2009 and like Howard, has made great friends across North Yorkshire’s markets and shows and built up his own good reputation. Skills: Highly practical and intelligent Joe is the go to man in the family and Uncle Extraordinaire!