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    News — sheepskin

    Manga Carta's 800th Anniversary.

    The nation celebrates Magna Carta day, one of the most celebrated documents in history, today - but did you know it was written on parchment made from sheepskin?

    To make parchment, sheepskin is soaked in lime and then stretched out very tightly between pegs in the ground and left to dry. Once dry the skin is scraped off to create a soft and smooth writing surface that works well with ink. It looks like there is only one company left making parchment from sheepskin in the U.K today and the parchment is generally used for conservation work by archives when fixing original manuscripts.

    Celebrate wool week and enter our draw to win some sheepskin gloves for someone you love

    It's getting colder and darker and we should be gloomy right? Well nope, we can't do it sorry! We get the fire going, don our winter woollies, get the kettle on and have a cuddle, a cwtch, hug it out.. however you call it in your house.

    So we're feeling the love this autumn and want to share it with you, not to mention its wool week this week . If you think your mum, sister, daughter, partner, friend or someone else dear to you would really appreciate being treated, simply send us an email to info@westmorlandsheepskins.co.uk titled 'Love gloves' along with the following. 

    • Your name:
    • Name of the recipient:
    • Their address:
    • Relationship to you:
    • Preferred Colour (Red, Dark Brown, Tan, Beige or Navy Blue)
    • Size (Small, Medium, Large):
    • Tell them why you think they are great: 


    You only have until Monday when we'll select three winners at random and send your nominated person a pair of Sheepskin gloves, all wrapped up with a lovely message from you.

    Hand hugs! The Westmorland team



    Those terms and condition things...

    The competition will close at midnight on Sunday 12th October 2014.

    We will send a pair of genuine sheepskin gloves out to the nominated ones from three randomly selected entrants, all wrapped up with a lovely message from you.

    Please note that the gloves are for ladies, we'll treat the gentlemen amongst you soon enough though!

    All personal information will be discarded at the end of the competition and will not be shared with any 3rd parties. HOWEVER, if you want to know more about us, offers, promotions and more sign up to the mailing list from our homepage.

    Babies who sleep on sheepskin are less likely to develop asthma

    Recent findings from a longitudinal study by German researchers at the Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen Research Centre suggests that exposing babies to sheepskins are less likely to develop asthma in later life

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