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The Surprising Benefits of Sheepskin in Hot Weather

The Surprising Benefits of Sheepskin in Hot Weather

When it comes to staying cool in hot weather, most of us immediately think of lightweight breathable fabrics. While sheepskin is commonly associated with warmth and cosiness during the colder months, it offers some surprising benefits when it comes to staying comfortable in hot weather. Explore the unique properties of sheepskin and how it can help combat the heat with us...

Natural Temperature Regulation

In hot weather, sheepskin acts as a natural temperature regulator by wicking away moisture and allowing air to flow freely between the skin and the material. This helps prevent excess sweating and allows the body to cool down more efficiently.

Sheepskin has fabulous insulating properties that work in both warm and cool weather. The hairs are hollow fibres that allow air to circulate, making it an ideal material for all seasons.

Breathability and Moisture Absorption

One of the key advantages of sheepskin is its exceptional breathability. The fibres in sheepskin have a unique structure that enables them to absorb and release moisture. This helps keep the skin dry and reduces discomfort caused by sweating. Unlike synthetic materials that can trap moisture, sheepskin allows your skin to breathe, making it an excellent choice for hot and humid weather.

We conducted several experiments with sheepskin nursing rugs with our children during periods of hot weather when they were babies. The results were consistent: the child who slept on the sheepskin nursing rug had a better, longer and drier sleep than the other, regardless of their sleeping surface. 

Softness and Comfort

The natural texture of sheepskin feels gentle against your skin, providing a soft and soothing experience. This is particularly good in hot weather, as the softness of sheepskin reduces friction and prevents chafing, making it an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive skin. On which note... have you seen the sheepskin bike seat covers we sell!? If ever there was a truly thoughtful and practical gift, this is it.

Protection Against UV Rays - who knew!

Sheepskin has natural sun-protective qualities that make it an excellent shield against harmful UV rays. The dense structure of wool fibres helps to filter out a significant amount of UV radiation, reducing the risk of sunburn and offering a natural defence for your skin. Additionally, sheepskin can provide a physical barrier between your body and the scorching heat of the sun, preventing overheating and providing a cooling effect.  Sheepskin summer onesies will be launching imminently...

The low down on using sheepskin practically in hot weather...

Sheepskin slippers or sandals are not only fashionable but also allow for airflow, preventing the build-up of moisture and providing a cooling sensation for your feet (on this note did you know that sheepskin is naturally anti-bacterial and odour resistant?) Not that we are biased, but the Medi Sandal is pretty darn gorgeous to look at too in an array of colours and prints and plenty more coming in Summer 2023..

Sheepskin seat covers or mats for cars can help regulate temperature during long drives under the scorching sun and seat belt covers can protect little necks from rubbing and sores on long journeys.

Additionally, sheepskin rugs or throws can be used in and outdoors to provide cosy temperature-regulating (and blinking gorgeous looking spaces) even during warm weather.

And so, although sheepskin is often associated with winter warmth, it has surprising qualities that make it a super material in hot weather as well. From its natural temperature regulation properties and breathability to UV protection and overall comfort, sheepskin proves to be a versatile and reliable material for staying cool and comfortable. So, the next time you face a heatwave (like now!), consider incorporating sheepskin into your wardrobe or living spaces to enjoy its unique benefits and beat the heat in style.

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