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My YES to Nursing Rugs (And Importantly Why)

My YES to Nursing Rugs (And Importantly Why)

Yes I was that mum. The one who seriously considered everything that their firstborn should eat, breathe, wear, sleep on, suck, you name it. A lot of us are the first time and why not (baby number two was a different story - not quite Haribo for breakfast on his first birthday but you hear me 🙈)

So when Joan and Howard (the in-laws) suggested a sheepskin nursing rug for Huw I had reservations. What if he suffocated, what if he sucked fibres in, what if he overheats? Case of fear of the unknown occurring!

Cut to a year and a half later...

A boiling day in summer with one 18 month old and one newborn having a nap (I know, both down at the same time I must be a child whisperer but it happened maybe three times 🤣). The littlest was sleeping on his sheepskin nursing rug and was happy, dry and sound. The big boy wasn’t and was tossing and turning and was a huge sweaty mess. At this point I realised what a godsend the rug was. 

  • It regulates their temperatures
  • It acts like a sleep aid, comfy and familiar wherever we were 😍👶
  • The pile of the rug is thick and bouncy and the fibres don’t come out because of the way it's been treated - even when the big boy rolled onto his front the pile was breathable and I didn’t worry
  • Neither boys have allergies. Sheepskin nursing rugs are hypoallergenic and I’ve read studies that suggest that babies raised on nursing rugs are less prone to allergies and athsma. Maybe coincidence but I’m happy with that - I do wish I’d tried one with my 12 year old niece who suffers badly though - just to see
  • It’s like a super portable friend. You can line a pram with it, put it in a Moses basket, a cot (they have them in their big boy beds now which was great in the heatwave this summer), use as a play mat, take them to hotels when you go away - they roll up and then line those blinking horrible hard travel cots they always give you
  • Wool naturally repels dirt but the nursing rugs are also washable - HOORAY! We’ll be launching a short video of how to wash your rug shortly - collaborating with Sarah of UPDATE: Now available on the Westmorland YOUTUBE Channel.
  • It's a by-product, a sustainable material that contains no plastic. A huge selling point to me.

I’m going to send this link to a few friends and ask them to comment below with their experiences rather than me repeating them and this blog never ending.....!

Get in touch if you have any questions or experiences to share 👍🏽

Ciao for now, Dom

PS we will be be launching our new range of medically tanned nursing rugs and stroller liners soon, complete with easily digestible supporting info and reusable cotton packaging (I’m excited about this!)

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Beth - October 12, 2019

Well put Dominique, I totally agree with all the above. I love our rug and the memories I have of using it, one of the main plus points for me was that I was able to put my sleeping babies down onto it and they stayed asleep! Purely because it was warm and cosy and familiar. This would never happen if I was placing them into a bare Moses basket. Love the naturalness of the rug too. Couldn’t recommend enough. X

Katie p - September 24, 2019

It’s great you’ve written this. I’m so glad you encouraged me in to getting one all those years ago. Transformed my sleep-battling, ‘nightmare baby’ in to a cosy snoozing one. Miracle!

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