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It’s official…Sheepskin is sexy!

It’s official…Sheepskin is sexy!

‘Is sheepskin sexy?’

This has been a question I’ve been mulling over for a while now, in fact ever since Alan Carr (yes you did read that correctly!) asked me that exact question last summer. 

So Sheepskin and Sexy… do they sit together?

YES they blinkin' do! Just maybe not in the risqué, satin sheets and PVC hot pants kind of way (sorry Alan). 

I’m talking about a more modern day sexy. A real, natural form of sexy; a leap away from synthetic, artificial materials and the noise of our busy modern lives.   

Think wild swimming, log fires, remote landscapes and wilderness.  Dipping your toe into that ice cold lake or running your fingers through the soft fleece of a sheepskin rug... all those things that really make our senses come alive and re-connect us with the world around us. 

Natural, Tactile, Biodegradable and Plastic Free - these are the ‘sexy’ qualities of today and sheepskin has oodles of them all! 

(plus there is always the option of a sheepskin thong to add to the sexiness but that's a different website!)

A picnic on sheepskin rug on the jetty
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