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Fièrement indépendant | Frais de port gratuits au Royaume-Uni à partir de 75 £
Fièrement indépendant | Frais de port gratuits au Royaume-Uni à partir de 75 £

Sheepskin Pet Rug | Liner

Prix ​​d'origine £35.00 - Prix ​​d'origine £35.00
Prix ​​d'origine
£35.00 - £35.00
Prix ​​actuel £35.00

Super soft sheepskin pet bed liners or throws. Cats and Dogs LOVE the feel and smell of sheepskin. This is something we know because...

  • When dogs came in the shop (with their owners  : ) they would walk around smelling everything, wagging their tails and trying to hunker down into them.
  • Mali will sniff out any rug, cushion or beanbag in the house and snuggle up AND as soon as Gryff gets off the beanbag, she hops on. 
  • Lottie's kittens Boo and Dora fight over the sheepskin on the couch, it's their go to snuggly space.

Not to mention how versatile they are.  You can roll them up and take them with you, pop them in the car, a cage or a pet bed and they take up next to no space.

The rugs are Slavic Sheepskins which are super soft and have individual but neutral toned markings.  

Each rug is usually between 60cm - 70cm in length (including fur) by 35cm width. 

The rugs we sell at shows and markets, in store and online are tanned with the environment in mind, that means there is not chrome used in the process and there for all the skins are not machine washable. Sheepskins are naturally dirt and bacteria resistant because of the lanolin in the wool, most of the time all it needs is a good brush with a slicker dog brush and an air on the line on a nice day. A good tip to freshen up your sheepskin try using dry shampoo - spray a small amount on leave to dry and brush it out.

With all rugs it is better to keep up than catch up, try not to let them get to fair down the line!

With the white / cream colour, they may change slightly over the years when in direct sunlight as the wool ages and the oxidisation process. It may turn them creamier rather than white but still beautiful.

Norme britannique (75 £ et moins) 3,75 £
3-5 jours ouvrables
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All Natural
Moisture Wicking
Natural Colour
Odour Resistant
Packaged in Yorkshire
Plastic Free
Recyclable Packaging
Temperature Regulating