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Washing Your Sheepskin Nursing Rug

Nursing rugs can be prone to all of the spillages, leaks and fluids that come out of your little ones! As mum's who used nursing rugs, ours were subject to multiple doses of sweat, wee, sick, milk and worse... Which is why it’s more important within this type of rug that you can wash them and feel confident that you know how to.

Sarah from Little Beau Sheep and Dom put this quick YouTube film together to guide you through the process but full instructions are also available in text format below ↓


Before you wash your rug

Remember, sheepskin is self-cleaning to a degree. Sheepskin contains a wax called Lanolin, produced by the glands of wool-bearing animals, that provides an antibacterial self-cleaning property.

You can refresh your rug anytime by giving it a good shake, a brush and by using a spray like the Little Beau Sheep Linen Spray - we love the New Baby scent for your nursing rugs especially - it's the nice fresh baby smell not the other one by the way 😆

Wool Wash

It’s really important that you use the right kind of washing liquid - a specialist wool shampoo containing lanolin to help maintain the fleece in best, helping maintain lanolin levels in the wool. We recommend our tried, tested, local wool wash from Sarah at Little Beau Sheep of course! Avoid commercial biological washing detergents.

Spot Cleaning by Hand

Spot clean using soft cloth with lukewarm water. Using your woolly wash, clean the affected area using a soft cloth in a circular motion, starting on the outside and working in. Dab with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture and dry naturally.

Washing your Rug - Step by Step

  • Set the washer’s temperature setting to cool or lukewarm water up to 38 degrees Celsius
  •  A wool wash, delicate or 30 degree cycle with rinse is ideal - keeping temperatures low and avoiding excess churning and matting of the wool
  • Add 10ml of your wool wash to your machine via the drawer or directly in the drum (You don't need to use a water softener)
  • Include the spin cycle to extract excess water 
  • Remove from the machine 

Alternatively - pop your rug in the bath or a large sink, add temperate water and massage your wool wash into your rug by hand, ensuring to rinse well afterwards. You can then work on your muscles by wringing out as much excess water as possible 💪

Drying your Rug - Step by Step 

  • Once washed, lay your rug out flat on top of a towel to absorb excess moisture
  • Using your hands, stretch the damp rug to its original shape holding it down firmly with one hand whilst stretching the edges out with your other hand
  • Brush the wool side with a wire brush and hang it to dry on a clothesline, over a tub or on a dryer rack
  • Avoid tumble drying this natural product or placing it on a heater
  • Let the rug air dry slowly, without direct sunlight and artificial heat, to prevent shrinking and hardening. This drying process may take a few days to complete entirely depending on the climate
  • Brush the dry rug with a wire brush to help restore the fluff. 

NOTE The leather may harden slightly following the washing process but continue normal use and it will soften up again with time and use.

Convinced? You can buy your nursing rug here.