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Fièrement indépendant | Frais de port gratuits au Royaume-Uni à partir de 75 £
Fièrement indépendant | Frais de port gratuits au Royaume-Uni à partir de 75 £
Adjay and the Mumbi Sun - Review

Adjay and the Mumbi Sun - Review

How many of us ever get the opportunity to experience the vibrant colour that is India in person?  The sights, the sounds, the smells, the weather, the clothes, the food, the people, the hustle of the cities like Mumbai to the slow-paced villages in the southern states .. There is just so much to hit every single one of our senses and emotions. I was one of the lucky ones who did visit when I was younger as my father worked and lived in Mumbai.  This book took me back to my very first visit.

What's that saying though - "If Mohammed can't go to the mountain..."

Enter Ajay and the Mumbai Sun.

This book may have been written for a target audience of 9-11 year olds but believe you me - it's one for the whole family. Ten year old Huw read this and told me I had to read it. He wasn't wrong.

Ajay and the Mumbai Sun, took us both on a fascinating journey through the bustling streets of Mumbai, India, capturing our curiosity and our imaginations. It encouraged us as readers to consider what is truly important in friendship and challenged our minds about wider global and environmental issues in a way that was really accessible to all of us, aged 8 to 45!

The story revolves around Ajay, a young boy living in the railway station in Mumbai, whose days are filled with ordinary routines and a burning desire to become a journalist. When he finds an old printing press, Ajay and his railway friends (a relatable set of great characters, each with their own quirks and personalities) start hunting down stories for their paper, the Mumbai Sun. These adventures catapult them into an adventure where they learn valuable lessons about friendship, courage, and the importance of following one's dreams.

What makes Ajay and the Mumbai Sun so good in my eyes? It has to be the way it tackles important and complex themes in a way that is accessible to young readers like Huw. From environmental conservation and working conditions in the fast fashion industry to the value of cultural heritage... all woven into Ajay's story in subtle and thoughtful way. Ajay's approach to problem solving when his readers failed to take notice of the local injustice that was right there in black and white was just brilliant – he appealed to the one thing that the community shared a love for.. Cricket.

Whether you're a child exploring the wonders of the world like Huw and Gryff, or an adult seeking a nostalgic trip down memory lane like me, Ajay and the Mumbai Sun is a must-read. It will warm ALL of your hearts, inspire you, make you consider slow fashion and make you want to start saving to visit for yourselves...

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