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Stylists Choice

As you might know we've been out and about across Yorkshire shooting new products and more for this colder season we seem to have just bumped into! (more to come about this at a later date). In the meantime though, we've been asking the team what their favourite shots and products were.

First up is Sally Pellen, our stylist for the shoot across all three locations.

What are your favourite shots from the shoot?

I love the energy of the group shot and how they look like one big happy Yorkshire family - my husband likened it to Yorkshires equivalent of the Dolce & Gabbana campaigns (with a beautiful family all attending a wedding) - I like the Yorkshire version :) 

I also love the shots of Beth in the Toscana Gillet pushing Henry in his cosy snug, it's a great way of capturing lots of product and still looking chic. 

Who couldn't love the 'Love Story' of Tracey & Jamie though, Westmorland's answer to Romeo & Juliet (without the tragedy bit!). There is a shot of them both walking away on the top of the crag and the simplicity of it is just perfection. 


Robyn and Huw, the shot with Robyn holding Huw up and kissing him...don't think this one needs an explanation!

Just one more, I think the slipper shot of Jamie's feet by the fire at the Star Inn is really strong and makes you want to be there. 

And your favourite products?

Products...again I have a few favourites...

Toscana products in general - beautiful and light, who knew sheepskin could feel so very very soft, luxurious and delicate. For me the Toscana Gillet was a real hero piece from the shoot and I think Beth looked stunning in it, hence I wanted her in it most of the day! 

I also love the Toscana aviator/trapper hats, they look stunning.

Finally thinking back to the Star Inn, the tan mule slippers are so classic and cosy.

Sally x


All photography by Lisa Stonehouse Photography (

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