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Sprung from Sturdy Yorkshire Stock

'To what purpose this account of my life will eventually be put I cannot say.  My present purpose is to set down events in order as I remember them, for the benefit of my family, whose present comfortable circumstances might lead them to forget the lowly origin from which they sprang.  They have been spared with vicissitudes (especially of health) through which I have passed, for which I am devoutly thankful, as also I am thankful that they have one and all contributed to their industry in building up a competence which I trust with all my heart will not be dissipated through excess of well being.

There is nothing in my life, I hope, that will cause them shame, for poverty is no crime, and though their ancestry is obsecure yet the present condition of the family, of which I am extremely proud, in its three generations, proves that it must have sprung from sturdy Yorkshire stock.'

Henry might be pleased to know that other than my gran Doreen's hearing problems and the occasional fall, the family is fit and well and very close still to their grass roots in Yorkshire.  As for sturdy Yorkshire Stock, he would have enjoyed watching both Joe and I playing rugby - he would see then that we are still very sturdy!


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