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Introducing Henry Heaton

Henry Heaton was the father of William Heaton who founded Heatons. 

Whilst delving through Doreen Heaton's wardrobe one day this summer, we found some family photographs and a first hand account of the life of Henry Heaton between the years of 1846 and 1914 - recorded by the man himself.  She was there by the way, we weren't just rooting through her drawers!

We are spoilt for choice these days when it comes to accessing information and people's opinions thanks to the internet.  Blogging, social networking, geneology websites and so forth are accessible at the touch of a button and the culture of today's society is to discuss, record and collect and then to discuss it a bit more...  but 150 years ago, this wasn't the case.  How excited were we then to come across this little gem - a first hand account of life in Leeds between 1846 and 1914 by a Heaton. 

We don't want Henry's story hiding amongst Doreen's undies and furs anymore, so look out for future installments over the next few weeks - straight from the horse's mouth.  The family business that exists today was built on the foundations that he laid all those years ago in the same city... Leeds. 

Not everyone had the foresight (or education) to write their stories down so thank you Henry Heaton for yours.

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