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Proudly Independent | Free UK Postage Over £75
A Word from Howard

A Word from Howard

Welcome. Welcome to the new look and feel ‘digital face’ to Westmorland Sheepskins.  Tim and Dominique have been working hard to develop our brand and website over the past few months, working with another local business ‘Wrapped Agency’ from York. I hope you’ll agree that it’s been worth it and that, as a business, we are still heading in a positive direction!

A quick word from me, at what feels like the right point on our journey a family led enterprise.

The essence of our business has always been the same – that we provide really good value for money, you know who you are dealing with and we will always work in an open and honest way. 

We have a traditional approach of ‘waste not want not’. Sheepskin and leather are by-products of a much bigger food industry and the benefits of these natural materials over man-made materials are often not celebrated and respected as much as they should be.  We aim to continue to develop new areas and uses of the natural raw materials as long as this secondary industry exists.

Marks and Spencer’s was started by a man called Michael Marks in leeds who set up a Penny Bazaar in Leeds Kirkgate Market. He built his business on the principle of quality and value.

Heaton’s, and subsequently, Westmorland Sheepskins, has developed from a similar background and with similar principles – starting small in Yorkshire, developing and investing in quality lines we believe in that are value for money for our customers. Over the years we have diversified and adapted, responding to the changing economic climate of the last 13 decades or more.

In respect to our products, our ethic has been to develop quality lines of leather and sheepskin; shoes, slippers, home ware and clothing.  We have invested in products made by small family businesses who are interested in the quality of the product as opposed to simply the margins – thinking less about what they can take out to reduce the price but what more they can put in to improve their products. If you have met us out and about on the shows you will have seen this first hand.                         

Throughout the history of 6 generations of Heaton’s, this has always been the case, whether it be ladies ready made clothing, sheepskin/fur coats or leather shoes.

We now have the 6th generation of our family in the business and intend to grow using the ethics outlined, whichever way that takes us. This now transcends increasingly into other areas of our business like this - developing our brand and digital presence. We are true to our beliefs and continue to work with other businesses that have similar principles to us. Watch this space.

Thanks for your time and we hope to see you in person over the coming seasons.

Howard Heaton


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